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Hard Maple Syrup Candy

Hard Maple Syrup Candy

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  1. Ines says:

    So glad to have found your website. We’re in Seattle and have a Home Day Care just for hrildcen with food allergies, this way we can keep them safe from any foods they can’t eat and focus on their social and cognitive development. We’ve happily discovered these little sensitive systems are very sensitive, loving souls. We’re, both my husband and I, good cooks and have taken gluten free cooking classes and learned to adapt many recipes, but seeing your site this morning has me really excited. We have special challenges, not just the usual, dairy and nut, but gluten, all fowl and eggs, sesame seeds, shell fish, avacado, and due to the variety and severity we deal with, we alternate our grains so as not to create an allergy to foods eaten too often. I applaud you and know you are and will make a huge difference in this venue, you are motivated by love, and that is powerful.

    • Oscars Mum says:

      Thanks for your feedback Ines, I’m glad you’ve found my site useful. It sounds like you’ve really got your hands full there.

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