PR and Disclosure

Cooking for Oscar is a PR friendly blog.

This blog is my hobby, not my job.  It costs money to self-host a blog and I do accept various forms of paid advertising to help pay for that.

So here are a few details about who I would consider working with, and what it means for my readers.


PR Friendly:

Most of my readers come to Cooking for Oscar because they, or a family member, are restricted by similar food intolerances as Oscar.

Products and business that may be a good fit for my blog include:

  • Food products free of artificial preservatives, additives and colours,
  • Kitchen appliances and cooking aids,
  • Books and educational tools relating to food intolerance, and
  • Businesses that support food intolerance in other ways.

Please email me ([email protected])  if you would like a copy of my media kit.


Reader Disclosure:

The advertising on the side bar of my blog is provided through Nuffnang and I am paid for each advertising campaign that is hosted on my blog, with the exception of not-for-profit campaigns.  These campaigns are selected for me by Nuffnang and are not necessarily endorsed by me.  I’m sure you’ve noticed some food related advertising that my family would definitely not consume.  Not all of my readers have our food intolerance so perhaps it appeals to them :).

The Free Rice and WeFeedback advertising is provided by me for free as part of my support for the United Nations World Food Programme.

Where a post is associated with some form of compensation (monetary or otherwise, such as in the form of a free product) I will disclose this in the post.  Please be assured that even though the topic of my post may have been paid for,  all opinions in my posts and pages are my own and have not been influenced by any compensation I may receive.  If I recommend a product or business it means I would be happy to use that product/business myself or for my family.



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