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I have published two recipe Books: Recipes For Oscar, Our Family Favourites and Recipes for Oscar, Warming Winter Meals.  Both books are available as an iBook for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, soft cover printed book, or PDF ebook.  The recipes  range from suitable for the Elimination / FAILSAFE diet through to challenges and the re-introduction phase.  All of these recipes are on my blog and will remain there for now, although my site is getting very large and I may have to start archiving older content at some stage.  The books would make an easy reference for great FAILSAFE and Elimination diet recipes for yourself or as a gift to family and friends who want to cook for you but don’t know what they are looking for.

All versions of the book are available in the Blurb book store.  The iBook does only work on the apple devices listed above, the PDF version will work on any device that can read PDF files.  The soft cover version is printed in full colour on high quality  paper.  Each copy of the book is printed individually as it is ordered, and if ordered in Australia is printed in Australia, so it is more expensive than a book of the same size in a book store.   If you are after a printed book I suggest you sign up to Blurb and register to receive emails from them.  They quite regularly have discount offers that can be applied to any book in the book store, so it’s worth waiting for.  I also provide details of these offers on my Facebook page.

Cooking for Oscar Recipe Book: Recipes for Oscar

Recipes for Oscar Printed Book

Cooking for Oscar Recipe Book: Recipes for Oscar iBook

Recipes for Oscar iBook



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