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My list of allowable foods (used in these recipes) is compiled from a combination of RPAH  and Sue Dengate publications and my own research amongst the supermarket shelves.  It includes foods containing low levels of natural food chemicals, amines and moderate levels of salicylates.

I use the RPAH handbook as my definitive list of foods containing amines, salicylates and glutamates.  There are a lot of lists available on the internet for amine and salicylate containing foods, but I have yet to find an accurate one.



These are the books we use:
  •  RPAH Elimination Diet Handbook with food and shopping guide, 2009, Anne Swain, Velencia Soutter, Robert Loblay, Allergy Unit, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, available here:
  • Friendly Food, 2009, Dr A R Swin, Dr V L Soutter, Dr R H Loublay, Murdoch Books
  • The Failsafe Cookbook, 2007, Random House Australia
For kids, Oscar’s Lunchbox is a fantastic book to help them understand their food intolerances.  Its also a great tool for help carers and other “well meaning folk” understand food intolerances as well.


These are some of the places we shop at for Oscar-friendly food:

  • Ozzie’s Gourmet Butchery (in Glen Waverley) – for failsafe sausages and preservative and additive free ham and bacon
  • Hanks Jam (online) – for pear and vanilla jam
  • The Organic Meat Specialist (in South Melbourne) – for organic bacon and ham (Organic bacon and ham does not contain artificial nitrates/nitrites but the meat is processed using vegetable and herb extracts, so will contain some salicylates.)
  • Organics Australia Online (online) – for organic dried fruit
  • Allergy Train (online) – a great source of food for all types of allergies and intolerances
  • Maxi Supermarkets – a great range of organic and gluten free foods and foods free of artificial additives, preservatives and colours



 At The FAILSAFE Table  is a monthly newsletter publishing 5 great Failsafe/Elimination Diet blogs (Cooking for OscarFailsafe FoodieReal MealsDomestic Diva and Failsafe Decorated Cakes)  in one place.



Joining the following Facebook pages can offer a lot of support:

Group to announce details of talks given by Sue Dengate, as well as discuss anything related to failsafe eating (free of additives, low in salicylates, amines and flavour enhancers.

Failsafers… families using a low-chemical elimination diet free of additives, low in salicylates, amines and flavour enhancers (FAILSAFE) for health, behaviour and learning problems.

RPAH Allergy Unit Elimination Diet.

Sue Dengate’s Fed Up, Fed Up With ADHD, Fed Up With Asthma, Failsafe Cookbook, Fed Up With Children’s Behaviour DVD.

Same as the Failsafe group, but closed so that your posts don’t appear on your own wall.

Are you following a restricted diet such as Failsafe? Have you had initial success, but can’t get far off elimination phase? Have your attempts to reintroduce foods been difficult or non-existent? If you answered yes, your body may have some underlying biochemical condition that, for example, prevents it from producing enzymes needed to break down food chemcials – or maybe your gut flora is not balanced? Many symptoms can be linked to lack of certain nutritional vitamins and minerals. How do you find out about these? Join our group for support and non-medical advice. NOTE: The moderators of this group are not health professionals. The group is for general advice and support only.


Ausallergy runs a weekly Twitter Chat for people with allergies and intolerances.   A regular Twitter chat is held every Tuesday at 8:30 pm AEST.



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