Do they know it’s Christmas?

World Food Programme Hunger in Africa

I was 12 years old when “Do They Know its Christmas?” was released and I remember thinking that it would change the world, that we would stop the famine in Africa and save all those people on TV. It was released on November 29th 1984 – 27 years ago. Nostalgic?  Watch the original video here: Do They Know its Christmas 1984   I don’t know why, but that song came into my head this morning, and it made me think what an amazing feat that song and the subsequent global event Live Aid was. On the 13th July 1985 my younger brother and I watched the entire Live Aid concert – all 16 hours of it!  For those in Australia that meant staying up all night (and boy did I fell crap afterwards), but it was soooo exciting.  We were at my Grandfather’s house, camped out on the lounge room floor. … Continue reading