Food Re-Introduction: Our Next Steps

Since starting on food re-introduction (salicylates and glutamtes) with Oscar 2 years ago we have progressed to him being able to eat anything from the Moderate column of the RPAH Elimination Diet handbook in unlimited quantities, plus anything with amines only (he passed that challenge).   Around the middle of last year we started experimenting with re-introducing some foods from the “High” and “Very High” column  with Oscar.  I started with the meals he has made for him at the child care centres, allowing the following ingredients to be used, keeping in mind that not every meal or snack will contain all of these: Broccoli (High SAG) Cauliflower (High SA) Pumpkin – any variety (High S) Corn (High SG) Apples – any variety (High S) Cinnamon (VH S) Vinegar (VH SA) The reason for including these foods at child care was to get more variety into those meals and snacks, and … Continue reading