Beautiful Crystal Bay Prawns

Prior to Christmas I had read on one of the Facebook forums about Crystal Bay prawns. Most prawns are soaked in Sodium Metabisulphite as soon as they are caught. So even if you can tolerate amines, these are not suitable if you are trying to avoid preservatives. Crystal Bay prawns are the exception.  They are available in the fridge section at the supermarket, cooked and packaged.  And they taste great!  If you can tolerate amines (prawns are very high in amines) or doing an amine challenge, these will be suitable.  As they are caught and cooked fresh, then delivered to supermarkets, availability is seasonal, so keep an eye out.  They may be off the shelves at the moment because of the cyclones in Queensland. I was wandering through the Supermarket on New Years Eve, looking for inspiration – and there they were.  Even though they were cooked I decide to shell … Continue reading