Boba Fett Cake

While preparing to make Oscar’s upcoming 7th birthday cake, I realised that I hadn’t posted last year’s birthday cake.  Last year we had a Star Wars themed party at a bowling alley (Healthways Recreation Centre) where we could self cater.  The kids all came in Star Wars gear, and the cake was Boba Fett – or his helmet to be exact. The cake was a chocolate cake (a carob cake would work as well) so that I already had a dark background for the eye split, and used marshmallow fondant in much the same way as I made the Avenger’s cake.  The fondant is held on with a plain butter cream icing.  The hoppers colours were a little bit bright for a rusty, damaged helmet, so I used a little bit of charcoal (from charcoal tablets) to darken them a bit.  A musk stick made the antenna.  The damaged look also … Continue reading