Buns for Easter, or Any Time!

There is a wonderful tradition in Sweden of eating buns for all occasions.  All sorts of buns are available.  I once tried to make Swedish Semla, which is a spiced bun made for lent that is filled with almond paste and cream.  My yeast skills weren’t very good then and I ended up with a big horrible sticky mess that took hours to clean off the bench top!  I’ve made several Swedish style buns since then, but much simpler than the semla.  I decided to make some Swedish buns for Easter and thought that the cute “Bunny Bread” image being shared around Facebook would be a good idea.  As we all later found out, the bunnies were actually made with a biscuit dough, but we had a good laugh at some of the not-quite-bunnies that were produced,  including my “guinea pigs”.   I decided to have another go, but this time with … Continue reading