Birthday Party Gift Bags

What to give the kids who attend your child’s birthday party can be a problem.  You know what your child can have but not the others.  I hedge my bets and put a few non-food items in the bag as well as a small number of lollies.



The gift bags for Oscar’s 4th Birthday Party contained:

  • A balloon
  • A party whistle or small bottle of bubbles
  • A mini Milky Way Bar (Amines) or mini Smarties pack (Amines and Salicylates)
  • Allergy Train Musk Stick
  • Darrell Lea White Jelly Beans (contain orange oil)
  • Hopper Citrus Pillows
  • Allergy Train Pear Drops
  • Hopper Citrus Pebbles

Birthday Party Gift Bags



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