Lunch Box Wednesday # 3

Choc Chip Rye Cookies

This month it has all been about Squeeze’ems.  I haven’t been able to experiment with much else as Oscar has been obsessed with what I can put into the Squeeze’ems.  Which is a good thing because I know he’ll enjoy having them in his lunch box, and the frozen ones will do double duty in keeping the lunch box cool.  I’m just not sure how many of those little caps will make it home – based on the number that we had to search for in the lounge room!   So what did we fill them with?  Well here’s a few examples: Frozen or refrigerated: 100% Banana Ice Cream (high amines) Pear Slushy – frozen pear juice (low chemical / Failsafe) Pureed cooked Red/Golden Delicious apple (moderate salicylates) “Honey” yogurt – fresh vanilla yogurt mixed with Rice Malt Syrup (low – moderate amines) Pear yogurt – fresh vanilla yogurt mixed with … Continue reading