Food Intolerance and Eczema

Eczema can be one of the symptoms of food intolerances such as Oscar’s.  Oscar has often had occurrences of dry, scaly skin since he was a baby, but never really eczema – until now.  Oscar started having small little flare ups of red, itchy skin about 8 weeks ago.  We would treat them with QV flare up oil and QV kids balm and they would settle down for a little while then flare up again.  Just before we went on holidays last week, it flared up really bad.  It settled down for a bit, then flared up again and broke out on his face and this time it was really painful. Eczema Eczema The flare ups started about 3 weeks after the lunch menu at Oscar’s day care centre changed.  None of the meals at the centre are 100% suitable for Oscar, so the challenge is to identify the meals … Continue reading