Christmas Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Last weekend I attended a Gingerbread House course at William Angliss College to learn how to make gingerbread dough and assemble a gingerbread house.  The course was a lot of fun and we made the most gorgeous looking Gingerbread Houses, and the gingerbread dough was delicious.  They are very easy to make, which was good because the one we made wasn’t Oscar suitable so I had planned to make another modified one for him.  The spices used in the Gingerbread dough are very high in salicylates, but the dough can be made without the spices, which obviously changes the flavour but not the texture of the dough. I made my dough to take home with just cinnamon, as I know Oscar can tolerate some cinnamon in baking now. Making the gingerbread house at home was easy to replicate, but having a preschool aged assistant did have it’s moments! It is … Continue reading