Three Easy Desserts/Snacks for Kids to Help Make

Lately, Oscar has been showing an interest in helping in the kitchen to prepare the evening meal.  It’s a great way for him to learn about food and we talk about the different ingredients we use.  He’s learning how to chop vegetables, squeeze lemons, whisk eggs and  stir things on the stove.  These are three simple desserts/snacks that were easy for him to help make, with supervision of course. The Apple and Pear Jelly is a variation on the usual pear jelly recipe we make, and the Rice pudding recipe has been updated with a few tweaks we’ve made since I first posted it.  The idea for the Rye Fruit Pancakes came from Internet, but I’ve lost the link, and of course you can make them with any pancake mixture / fruit combination. Jelly cups and rice pudding cups are also great for lunch boxes.