Making Coconut Milk

Every time we crack open a coconut Oscar tells me he wants to drink the coconut “juice”, because he loves the juice!  But when I give him the coconut water he won’t drink it because it tastes yuck! Last time I decide to try making coconut milk and found a simple food processor recipe to follow on Always Order Dessert, which was very easy.  The hardest part is getting the flesh out of the coconut.  So of course Murphy’s law reigned and Oscar didn’t like that either.  So I made a milkshake instead, with nashi and coconut – Success!     We still had some coconut milk left over as well as the coconut pulp, so for dessert I made a crustless coconut pie, which is more like a baked coconut custard – very delicious.  And the recipe was so easy – mix it all up in the food processor then bake. … Continue reading