Lunch Box Wednesday #4

Something savoury this week – mini calzones. These are just a variation on my savoury calzones recipe, but I wanted to make a non-wheat pizza dough as I’m trying to cut down on wheat.  We had the big calzones with a potato, mince and gravy filling; and since there is always at least one ball of dough left over I made mini calzones with the leftovers and froze them to have as snacks.  They are great warm or cold, so a good one for keeping in the freezer and thawing in the lunch box.  Fill them with whatever you want, they are much easier to hold and eat than sandwiches or wraps, so you can have a greater variety of fillings. Previous Lunch Box Wednesday Posts: Lunch Box Wednesday #1 – Rice Balls, Egg Rolls, Carrot and Zucchini Muesli Bars Lunch Box Wednesday #2 – Preserving Fresh Fruit, Pear and … Continue reading