Coffee Cake / Cupcakes and Maple Butter Cream Icing

Coffee Dessert Cake

I’ve been looking around for some ideas for cakes with a different flavour – vanilla, pear, chocolate and carob have been staples in our house for sometime now.  When I found this coffee cupcake recipe came from BBC Good Food I had a “d’oh” moment – why didn’t I think of that?  The recipe was OK as is,  I just swaped the coffee for decaf and used my usual half wholemeal flour mix.  The cake can be used as tea cake or dessert cake, it tastes fantastic warm, drizzled with rice malt or maple syrup.  I also made them as cupcakes with maple butter cream icing, and everyone thought they were so good that they are going to feature in Oscar’s birthday cake.  Made with Nuttelex, these cakes are also dairy-free and just as yummy.      Coming Up Next Time: Potato, Swede and Sausage Stew