Re-introducing High Salicylate Foods

Since our last visit to the dietician we have been introducing Oscar to high salicylate foods. The process is to pick a starting level (we’re supposed to start off at 25g every 3 days) and maintain it for 2 weeks. If there are no reactions you increase the level (i.e. 25g every 2 days) for another 2 weeks and repeat, if there are reactions you drop back to the base diet until the reactions disappear then start again at a lower rate. It sounds pretty straight forward, but unfortunately someone forgot to tell toddlers about this process! Getting Oscar to eat a prescribed amount of a new food is extremely difficult. New foods are a problem to start with (unless they are lollies or cakes!) so I usually try to hide them or find them in processed foods that are similar to something he already eats. But even doing this … Continue reading