Chickpea Dip and the Day Care Experiment

I find it so much easier to eat healthy food in summer, and dips have always been a bit of a favourite.  Oscar has recently shown an interest in eating large quantities of cheese when presented on a platter with an assortment of biscuits.  He has also been asking to take carrots when I pack food for him to eat out or we go on picnics – although he has yet to do much more than spit them out or mash them in his hand and present them to myself or his dad to eat!  This week I thought I’d add a dip to the mix, so I made up this Chickpea dip.  He had a descent go at it the first time we had it, but wasn’t so interested the next – going as far as filling the bowl with biscuits but not eating any.  But I think he … Continue reading