Japanese Food fun

Last month I read a post on Hear Mum Roar about Japanese sandwich cutters and immediately went to j-listto buy one for myself (for Oscar of course!).  While I was there I found some other great food cutters and shapers – boiled egg shapers, a rice shaper (called a ONIGIRI Shaper) and vegetable cutters.  They were all very cheap and the whole order (see photo), including postage cost just USD$19. 4 piece bread shaper, elephant rice shaper, car and fish boiled egg shapers and vegetable cutters My order arrived a couple of weeks ago and so far we have tried the sandwich cutter and the boiled egg shaper.  Oscar loves the sandwich shapes – car, boat, train and dog – and only the crusts are wasted.  I tried the boiled egg shaper last weekend for a picnic and I think I need a bit of practice, the eggs came out slightly shaped, … Continue reading