Sweet and Savoury Calzones (or “inside out pizzas)

These Calzones came about as a result of wanting to try Frilly’s pumpkin pizza dough recipe at Real Meals.  I made the pizza dough and told Oscar that we were having pizzas and he could help make the dough.  Big mistake!  Apparently pizzas in our house can only be made with lebanese pita breads.  So the dough went into the freezer and I had to come up with another way to use it.  Calzones came to mind, so a few weeks later with a bit of help from Jamie Oliver I tried again, telling Oscar that Calzones were “inside-out” pizzas.  He thought it was a great idea and helped roll the dough, fill them and crimp the edges (my little Master Chef!).  The calzone recipe is not so much a recipe as a guide; you can fill these calzones with anything.  The no-tomato chicken mince was particularly good.   We’ve had … Continue reading