Home Made Sushi

One of my goals for this year has been to make sushi rolls for Oscar.   Before we went on the elimination diet, one of our favourite things to do was eat a couple of Sushi Rolls whenever we were out shopping.  The problems with sushi rolls is that the Nori seaweed is suspected of containing salicylates and you don’t know what type of vinegar or flavouring is used in the rice or the mayonnaise in some of the fillings. I finally got my chance to make them a few weeks ago.  I used rice vinegar, which is not on any of the lists, but the process of making vinegar creates Amines.  I don’t know whether it also contains salicylates or glutamates, but there is such a small portion of vinegar in each roll I thought I’d chance it..  For a low chemical version, the RPAH vinegar substitute could be … Continue reading