Gluten Free Pizza

Wanting a quick and easy meal last Sunday night, we thought we would make pizzas.  Only one problem – I couldn’t find any suitable pita breads.  I’ve recently started shopping at our local Maxi supermarket and discovered that they have a really large range of organic and gluten free foods.  Not all of them are low salicylate, but I have found some additional products that Oscar can have.  So on Sunday afternoon with no pitas in sight I thought I’d see what Maxi had in the way of pizza bases and found these Healthy Feast gluten free pizza bases with are also low chemical / failsafe.

They tasted fine, although I still prefer our usual pita bread, but were a little bit doughy when cooked for the recommended time.  We cooked the second pizza a bit longer than the instructions, but I think if we use them again (and we probably will) I would cook them partially before adding the toppings.

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