The Angel Maker Challenge

I am supporting a wonderful endeavour by Alison Chandler-Bird, who has created a website called Angel Maker Challenge to make it easy for people to go food additive free for 2 weeks from 19 November 2012. Alison discovered that additives such as colours, sulphites and glutamates were causing her 3 year old daughter’s extreme defiance, tantrums and eczema.  Since then, she has been on a mission to make this information easily accessible to families and allow them to  easily determine if food additives are the cause of their health and behavioural issues.  I also have first hand knowledge of the impact of food additives, so am supporting Alison by contributing some of my recipes for the challenge.


The term ‘little angels’ is used to describe children who are happy and content within themselves.  Children who eat foods they are intolerant to are dealing with a dynamic that causes their body (nerve endings) to feel irritated and uncomfortable – this manifests in any number of the physical and psychological symptoms.  Once the cause of the intolerance is removed (eg. additives), children are free to express their highest potential.   This is not to say that a child will be ‘perfect’ or exhibit angelic behaviour 24/7.   We are all humans and experience mood swings, frustration, tiredness and illness, and react to this in different ways.   But you may find, as Alison, I and hundreds if not thousands of others have, that the change in behaviour in your child is like they have become a ‘little angel’ – it is truly miraculous!

Alison’s website includes easy to follow information, recipes, access to experts and an online diary to track your improvements.   So head to and register – IT’S FREE!


Observation begins 12 November. This is a week of simply observing what symptoms are occurring for the members of your family and preparing for the challenge.

The Challenge begins 19 November. Lets’ go additive free! Time to cook according to your meal plan and have your additive free snacks at the ready. You can ask questions of experts and continue to record improvements or setbacks in your online diary.  Recording your progress enables you to see just how much of an improvement you are experiencing.


If you are already following my blog chances are you are a convert to additive-free eating, however this may be a good time to encourage friends and family to give it a go.



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