Three Recipes for the Kids over the Long Weekend

Cereal Bites

The Australia Day long weekend starts tonight, so I’ve put together three easy recipes that the kids can help make, and then eat of course! There’s a lot written about the dangers of letting children watch television, but I think all those articles are missing a key “danger”.  The one where your child is watching television and calls out “Mum!  Can we make {insert unsuitable food here}!”   This happened with Play school and their apple and blueberry pie, which I turned into apple and banana pie, and now again with the Bananas in Pyjamas and their Honey Cakes.   As I usually do in these situations I turned to Google and found this recipe by fuzzygirl on Best Recipes that claims to be the real BiPs’ Honey Cakes recipe.  There were a few substitutions to be made, but they still turned out pretty good.  The only thing was they … Continue reading