Japanese White Milk Bread (Milk Shokupan)

A few days after we got home from Japan Oscar asked me if I knew how to make bread. When I replied that I did, he asked if I could make some bread rolls like we had in Japan.The white bread in Japan is delicious. It can’t be at all healthy since it is white and fluffy and very sweet, but a little bit won’t hurt. Mind you, Oscar could finish off a pack of 6 bread rolls with jam or banana for breakfast! So wasn’t it lucky that into my inbox popped this recipe from La Fuji Mama for Milk Shokupan (Japanese Style White Sandwich Bread) the next day!   I didn’t have a bread loaf pan, so I just made the bread as a long loaf on a tray and it worked perfectly.  It was soft and moist and while not as sweet as the bread in Japan, … Continue reading