Fresh Rice Paper Rolls and Mango Fool

Mango Fool

Well Summer is over (I can’t believe it’s March already!), and going by the weather this past week you would think it was Winter already.  One of the things I love about Summer is the appearance of mangos, by the boxful, in the stores.  Mangoes are one of my favourite fruits and as they are high in Salicylates, they are now on Oscar’s food re-introduction list.  He’s not keen on them fresh, so I used this low-fat mango fool recipe, which was a hit. Following on from the success of the baked rice paper rolls, I tried some fresh ones.  We made these at the table, so everyone could choose their own fillings.  A great way to get kids involved in food, and it allows you to cater for different dietary requirements, likes and dislikes. [gmc_recipe 3115] [gmc_recipe 3727]