Mashed Split Pea and Spring Onions

Split Pea and Spring Onion Mash

This is a very old recipe in my collection and I thought I had posted it long ago, but when I wanted to put it in my book I discovered that I hadn’t.  So here it is…… The inspiration came from this recipe on Dr. Ben Kim’s site.  I originally made it as a mash to use as an alternative to mashed potato with dinner in our elimination diet days.  It has hung around and been used as a spread on bread and crackers, and also used as a dip.  The bonus with this recipe is that at the end the leftover cooking liquid makes a great stock. My book “Recipes for Oscar” is now available in PDF format which can be viewed on any PC/device that can read PDF files.   Click on the link below to order through the Blurb bookshop. If you are interested in ordering … Continue reading