Food Diary

Oscar is off to the dietician tomorrow for a review, so we have been keeping a food diary for the past week to track what he eats.  This is what we gave him to eat, not necessarily what he did eat! Day 1 Breakfast: Porridge with milk and pears in syrup and banana, milk to drink Morning Tea: Cheese toasties Lunch: Cheese toasties, banana, milk to drink Afternoon Tea: Yogo, banana Dinner: Chicken and vegetable lasagne with mashed potato and carrot, lemonade and mineral water to drink Dessert: Banana, pear and paw paw with ice cream Snack: milk to drink Day 2 Breakfast: Porridge with milk and pear halves, milk to drink Morning Tea: fresh pear and banana Lunch: Chicken and Vegetable Lasagne Afternoon Tea: Sandwiches with pear and vanilla jam Snacks: Shredded Wheatmeal biscuits, milk to drink Dinner: Tuna Rissoles with lentils and mashed potato and swede, lemonade and mineral water … Continue reading