Final Post Before Christmas: Finnish Christmas Stars

Finnish Christmas Stars

This is my last post before Christmas and my last recipe until at least mid-January. ¬†I’m going to finish of the year with some Finnish Christmas Stars (I didn’t realise that pun until just now ūüôā ¬†) that I made to take to our street party. ¬†Finnish Christmas Stars (Joulutorttu) are very to easy to make, you can use any kind of pastry and any kind of filling. ¬†Traditionally they are made with plum or prune jam, but that was out. ¬† I could have just used pear or apple jam, but I wanted something a bit more festive, so I made up a pear filling with brown sugar, citric acid and maple syrup. ¬†I also used a few saffron threads to get a deeper colour into the mix, but you can leave this out. ¬†My pears were getting to that almost too ripe point (where they become tasteless) so ‚Ķ Continue reading