Shame on you Woolworths!

We have been searching high and low for ham since the weekend.  As Oscar is intolerant to nitrates and food colours he can only have some nitrate-free specialty ham products (which are not stocked everywhere so inconvenient to get to) or the Hans Country Fresh All Natural Ingredients Premium Leg Ham (which we get from Woolies with our weekly shop).  2 weeks ago our normal Woolies didn’t have any, so we went to the next one over.  This week neither one had it and we tried 2 others with no success.  I have now discovered that Woolies have “temporarily withdrawn” this product.  The reason?  “Quality issues” – not quality issues as in its not fit for sale or consumption, no, Woolies don’t like the colour of it.  Its a different colour!  Of course it is – it has no artificial preservatives or food colours!  This is what ham should look … Continue reading