A Butcher and Sauted Sausage and Apple

Frillypants over at Real Meals posted about a Failsafe butcher she had found in Melbourne that was close to us: Ozzies Gourmet Butchery 55 Hamilton Place, Mount Waverley, VIC 3149 p: (03) 9809 5208 f: (03) 9809 5208 They takes orders and makes up failsafe sausages and preservative free bacon when he has enough orders.  The bacon is delicious and has a very different flavour to “regular” bacon.  We also got chicken and beef sausages and they taste just like normal ones. Not long after making our first purchase, I came across a recipe for Apple-Sausage Sautee in the April 2011 Prevention magazine, and thought I’d try out some of the new sausages.  It was really yummy.  I think it will be a regular on the winter menu.