Tuna Stir Fry

I had some frozen tuna fillets in the freezer that were getting close to their use by date, so I needed to come up with a recipe to use them.  After a bit of searching I found a tuna teriyaki recipe on kidspot and substituted about half the ingredients.  What I ended up with wasn’t a teriyaki stir fry, but it was still a pretty good one. Tuna Stir Fry (Amines, Moderate Salicylate, Low Glutamates) For the sauce: 80ml water 1 tspn sunflower oil 1 tspn crushed garlic 1 tspn citric acid 1 tblspn brown sugar 300g frozen or fresh tuna steaks, cut into large chunks 1 tspn crushed garlic 4 shallots, finely sliced 300g cooked noodles (udon, singapore, hokkien) 300g bok choy, trimmed and sliced (leaves and stem) 100g mung bean shoots 1/2 cup cooked/tinned lentils 300ml home made vegetable stock Tuna Stir Fry Combine the ingredients for the sauce … Continue reading