Christmas Lolly Stocking

It was the day care Christmas Party last night and Santa arrived with lolly bags for all the kids.  Luckily this was our second year and we were prepared with a special lolly bag for Oscar.  I tried to buy some Santa lolly bags from The Little Lolly shop but they didn’t arrive in time, so I ended up buying one from the supermarket, emptying it (which was appreciated by my husband and Dad!) and refilled it with safe lollies.  A Christmas card  stapled to the top finished it off.

Santa Lolly Stocking

The lollies I included were:

  • Smarties (Amines)
  • Freckles (Amines)
  • Milky Way (Amines)
  • Chocolate Coated Honeycomb (Amines)
  • Chocolate Milk Bottles (Amines)
  • Coles Ubu Babies (Amines)
  • Caramello Koala (Amines)
  • Caramel Fudge (Low Chem)
  • White Musk Sticks (Low Chem)
  • Jersey Caramels (Low Chem)
  • White Marshmallows (Low Chem)
  • Little Lolly Shop Colour Free Jubes (Salicylates)
Refer to the Cooking for Oscar Shopping List  for details of which brands I’ve found to be OK.
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