Thank You Uncle Tobys

Last week I won a competition for Uncle Tobys Oats.  The competition was in the local newspaper and I registered online and then forgot all about it.  On Friday I got a phone call to say I had won and my prize was being sent out.  I’d forgotten what the prize was, so I was a bit shocked when this huge box arrived today.  Oscar thought it was Christmas again (or his birthday!).

Luckily we eat a lot of oats!

As Oscar would say – “Oats are on my list”.  The Multigrain oats, which contain oats, rye, wheat, buckwheat and pearl barley, are also on his list.  The Oat Crisps aren’t Oscar friendly as they contain almonds and honey – but Mum can eat those!
Oscar learning to read ingredients lists from a young age.
The Uncle Tobys Oats Cholesterol Challenge website also has some interesting recipes that I might be able to adapt.
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