Daiso Store

Recently I visited the new Daiso store at Doncaster Westfield.  If I wasn’t conscious of the fact that I have to start packing up our house soon so it can be demolished, I would have had a massive shopping spree!

Daiso is a Japanese store, know as the “100 yen” store – similar to our $2 shops.  Apparently 100 yen translates to $2.80 here, as everything in the store is $2.80.

The reason I loved it so much was that all of the Japanese bento and food utensils I have been buying from Japan are there – sandwich cutters, egg moulds, banana cases (to stop your bananas from getting squashed in your bag!), sushi moulds, gyoza moulds – plus heaps of other great stuff.

They also have a store in Abbotsford, so check them out.  Even just browsing through all their products is great fun!


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