Lunch Box Wednesday #9

Two more ideas for the lunch box this month.  Once again they come from reusing left overs, so they will save time and additional effort. Pancakes are a once a month breakfast regular in our house, but I always end up with left over batter.  I usually keep it in the fridge for later,  but it never gets used so ends up thrown out.  Last time we had pancakes I cooked up the last of the batter, let it cool then we used little food cutters (biscuits cutters would be fine too) to cut them into the shapes.  There were still some pancake pieces thrown out, but I had a good little collection of pancake shapes that I froze and popped into a snack box a few days later. The second lunch box filler was hash browns.  We made these for dinner and the cooked left overs were also frozen. … Continue reading