Travelling and Eating in Vietnam

We have just arrived back from 12 days holiday in Vietnam, Oscar included.  Vietnam is probably not the easiest place to take a child with food intolerances, as it is almost impossible to find out what ingredients are in food.  But, with a lot of planning we made it through the holiday without Oscar having any food reactions.   Our plan was to stick to Oscar’s diet as much as possible for breakfast and snacks and pick the “safest” option for lunch and dinner.  We didn’t expect to be able to buy much from the safe list (other than bananas and pawpaws) and didn’t want to spend all our time there trying to find food either, so we took what we could with us. The food we took with us for 12 days included: 6 x Aunty Betty’s Vanilla Flavoured Creamy Rice (100g tin) – these were just the right … Continue reading