Golden Circle have lost my trust

Last weekend I wrote about the product launch I went to for Golden Circle’s new probiotic juices, which I really liked (for myself more so than Oscar), and decide to share with my readers.  I was waiting for some feedback on what the “Natural Flavour” was in the juices – and today it came. I was advised that Heinz (Golden Circle’s owners) would not divulge that information because the ingredients in the natural flavours are proprietary and confidential.  I was also told that they were defined as natural in accordance with the International Organisation of the Flavour Industry (IOFI) guidelines which I found on their website:  13._Guidelines_on_the_IOFI_Interpretation_if_the_term_Natural – not that it told me anything of value.  I was also told that Heinz’s  ingredients and products are made in accordance with strict quality assurance procedures and comply with Australian food safety requirements and the Standard 1.2.3 of the Code, which mandates labelling obligations in … Continue reading