Golden Circle have lost my trust

Last weekend I wrote about the product launch I went to for Golden Circle’s new probiotic juices, which I really liked (for myself more so than Oscar), and decide to share with my readers.  I was waiting for some feedback on what the “Natural Flavour” was in the juices – and today it came.

I was advised that Heinz (Golden Circle’s owners) would not divulge that information because the ingredients in the natural flavours are proprietary and confidential.  I was also told that they were defined as natural in accordance with the International Organisation of the Flavour Industry (IOFI) guidelines which I found on their website:  13._Guidelines_on_the_IOFI_Interpretation_if_the_term_Natural – not that it told me anything of value.  I was also told that Heinz’s  ingredients and products are made in accordance with strict quality assurance procedures and comply with Australian food safety requirements and the Standard 1.2.3 of the Code, which mandates labelling obligations in relation to mandatory warning and advisory statements and declarations.   Which is true since our food labelling system does not required the ingredients of flavours to be listed.  (If anyone from FSANZ is reading this – that is not helpful!).

I might be able to find out the ingredients if it is relation to an obscure allergen and Heinz would normally only provide this information to a Doctor.  I don’t think I need to tax our overburdened medical system any more by asking doctors to contact food manufacturer’s to find out what is in their products.

So while Heinz/Golden Circle have no legal obligation to tell us what is in their “flavours” I do find it quite hypocritical that they are marketing this product as healthier for us because of the things they’ve added in, but won’t tell us what all those things are!

I just won’t buy it, not even for myself.  If they can’t tell me what’s in it, I don’t want to drink it.  Golden Circle have also lost my trust as a brand, not just because they wouldn’t provide the information, but because it makes me mistrust the marketing message that this is good for you.



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4 Responses to Golden Circle have lost my trust

  1. That’s just crazy. Their natural flavors are based on a secret formula? That doesn’t sound very natural. And what kind of reassurance is “the government says it’s ok”?

    Perhaps I’ll break out the juicer this weekend and make some apple / mango flavored juice. What will I use to flavor it? Apples and Mangoes!

    • Oscars Mum says:

      I agree, and the ridiculous thing is that you can’t copyright a list of ingredients in a book or online, but if you manufacture something you can call it a flavour and hide it.

  2. Evelyn says:

    Money is everything to business people nowadays! Honesty, integrity and compassion do not exist. Try asking Merck about selling Epi-Pens direct without a distributor and their answer is NO. They are a billion-dollar-making company and yet they cannot keep a few Epi-Pens in Malaysia. And this is Epi-Pens we are talking about! Not some cough mixture or flu medication. EPI-PENS!

    • Oscars Mum says:

      You’re absoloutely right! I can’t believe the situation you have with Epi-Pens.