Making Jam

As well as an over abundance of zucchini at the moment we also have a huge crop of nectarines.  Normally we would also have had apricots and mulberries, but the crazy weather caused the apricots to split and the mulberries, the few we did get, were eaten by birds.  Nectarines are high in salicylates when peeled, and are on Oscar’s current re-introduction plan, but that means just 1 nectarine every 2 or 3 days.  I decided to make jam with them, but as cooking increases the salicylate content, I made pear and nectarine jam with just 25% nectarines in the fruit content, with the hope that a small amount on toast or rice cakes every now and then will not be too much.  The recipe is based on the pear jam recipe from the Friendly Food book, which I’ve also included here, as well as a similar apple and pear jam I made last year.

[gmc_recipe 2198]

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