Tiger Toast

As I write this post Oscar is finally eating Cashew Paste.  How did I get home to eat it? ……….. Tiger Toast!I was visiting my friend Krys, the one who makes the beautiful cakes for Oscar (here and here) and she told me about her discovery of Tiger Toast – toast with butter, Vegemite and strips of cheese.  Well Vegemite is off the menu for Oscar, so I tried Cashew Paste.Tiger Toast (Amines, Low Salicylates, Low Glutamates)

  • Toast
  • Cashew Paste
  • Thin strips of cheese slices
Tiger Toast
  1. Spread the toast with Cashew Paste, then place the strips of cheese across the toast, like stripes.
  2. Roar and eat up!
Note: my cashew paste was a little dry (the last of the jar), so I spread a bit of butter on first.
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