Best Ever Carob Cake (or Chocolate Cake without Chocolate)

Carob Birthday Cake with Jam and Cream Filling

Last weekend was my Dad’s 65th birthday, so the whole family was at Mum and Dad’s to celebrate.  My nephew has recently started on the elimination diet, so my Mum wanted to make a cake that he could have and was thinking of a carob cake.  I’ve been making chocolate cakes for my Dad’s birthday since I was a kid, and having recently discovered the best ever carob cake recipe I offered to make it.  I found the original recipe on, which was called “The Ultimate Carob Cake” developed as a Feingold recipe.  I was a bit dubious about the title but was really amazed when I tried it. Oscar calls anything brown “chocolate” so he told everyone I was making a chocolate cake.  When my niece asked if I was making chocolate cake and told me she and her brother couldn’t eat chocolate, I explained that it was a special … Continue reading