Christmas Cake Decorating Part 1 – Cashew Marzipan

Christmas Cake

I’ve never decorated a cake with anything more fancy than butter icing before, so I’m not sure why I’m tempting fate decorating Oscar’s Christmas Cake, but I am!  The first step is the Marzipan.  I’m not a fan of almond marzipan, but while researching options I came across some recipes for cashew marzipan, which seems to be popular in India.   I also watched several videos about how to make marzipan, the most useful being this one from Confection Perfection.  I’ll write a post about decorating the cake a bit later, but I think I did a pretty good, although a bit rough, job for my first attempt.   So my cake is now drying out, although given the temperatures in Melbourne at the moment I only left it out uncovered for 2 days and have now put it into an airtight container in the fridge until I do the … Continue reading