Home Made Stock

All these stocks can be made in a large batch and frozen for several months.  The recipes can also be adjusted to make smaller quanitites for immediate use.

Instead of throwing out left over pieces of raw vegetables, such as the ends of carrots or celery, give them a good wash then place into a bag and store in the freezer until the next time you make stock.

I get about 10 cups of stock from our saucepan, which I store in quantities of 1 and 2 cups in containers or zip lock bags.

Vegetable Stock

If you don’t have storage space for so much liquid stock, vegetable stock concentrate and dried stock powder are also easy to make.

I usually make our chicken stock from the carcass of a roast chicken once all the meat has been removed, but it can also be made with a whole raw chicken which also leaves you with some yummy tender chicken meat that can be frozen and used later.

Chicken Stock from Raw Chicken

Chicken Stock from Chicken Carcass

The Fish Stock recipe is not Failsafe / Low Chemical but it can be made that way.


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