The Birthday Party

Oscar’s 3rd Birthday Party was a great success!  We had wonderful weather, so the party could go ahead in the park and Oscar and friends had a great time.  The food also went down well, although we do have quite a bit left over to take to work tomorrow.

Oscar blowing out his candles

The menu included:

  • Schweppes lemonade (no preservatives)
  • Plain salt chips (Kettle and Red Rock Deli)
  • Rice Crackers (gluten free)
  • Arnott’s Jatz crackers
  • Edam and Colby Cheese (Amines)
  • Celery sticks
  • Carrot sticks (moderate salicylates)
  • Castlemaine Dips Mediterranean Carrot Dip (gluten free, dairy free, no artificial preservatives, colours or additives, salicylates – see below)
Birthday Party Platter
Birthday Party Baking

The dip is the first dip I have found that is even remotely close to being Oscar friendly.  The 3 main ingredients are Carrots (21%), Chickpeas (53%) and sunflower oil (10%).  The remaining 16% of ingredients are lemon juice, vinegar, sesame seeds, salt and spices, all very high salicylates except the salt.  Oscar has never been interested in eating my home made dips, but I wanted to have something that he could eat if he saw the other kids eating and this seemed worth a try as the very high salicylates were quite a small percentage.   He didn’t try any at the party, but he has just had several dips with a couple of rice crackers while I’ve been writing this post, so maybe I have finally found a way to tempt him


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