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WeFeedbackis the world’s largest community for sharing food and changing lives. WeFeedback’s mission is to enlist your help and the help of your social networks in the fight against the chronic hunger that burdens families all over the world.  WeFeedback is an initiative of the UN World Food Program.

You can create a community with your social network and give back / “feed back” a small portion of what you would normally spend on snacks or meals to feed hungry children around the world.  My community is here.
Source: WeFeedback
Almost 260,000 children from 176 countries have been fed so far by more than 10,500 participants around the world.
Australia has made 85 donations;, feeding 6,804 children.  That’s less than 3% of the global contribution, so lets see if we can improve on that.
If you’re not in Australia and want to see how your country is contributing, check out the Global Feedbackpage.Some facts about hunger you may not know:

925 million
925 million people on the planet are hungry. That’s one in seven people on earth.
Human cost
Hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.


25 cents
$0.25 will provide a nutritious meal to a hungry child in school. For many children, that will be the only meal they get in the day.

Source: WeFeedback

If you can’t donate money, try Free Rice.  By playing this free on-line game you can donate rice for hungry children.

Source: Free Rice
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