Orange Food – Pumpkin Stuffed Chicken and Carrot Vitabrit Muffins

Ever since we told Oscar that eating carrots would help him see in the dark, he has been extraordinarily good at eating his vegetables.  Not just orange ones (I haven’t corrected his assumption that all orange vegetables are carrots) , but green ones as well.  To take advantage of this and maintain his interest, I’ve been developing recipes with orange foods – carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato – all moderate salicylates.  I’ve never made a stuffed chicken breast before, but after watching a few YouTube clips it turned out to be pretty easy and these pumpkin stuffed ones were delicious.  The muffins were modified from this Carrot Muffin recipe from the Australian Institute of Sport.


[gmc_recipe 3910]

[gmc_recipe 4138]


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