Lunch Box Wednesday #7

Girl Eating Sandwich

I have been sick for the last few weeks (3 weeks of bronchitis followed by gastro 🙁 ) while getting ready for Oscar’s birthday party, so I haven’t made any new lunch box recipes.  Rather than skip this month’s lunch box week,  I thought I would go through my archives and put together a list of lunch box suitable recipes.  So here they are:


Sausage Rolls – cold or kept warm in a thermos

Rissoles – on their own or in a sandwich, roll or wrap with lettuce and chickpea dip / hummus or mayonnaise / egg-free mayonnaise

Tuna and Vegetable Rissoles (if amines are allowed) – as above

Pizza – cold slices of pizza or make small pizzas with small pita breads or pizza dough

Chicken and Ricotta Fingers

Sushi – large hand rolls or smaller slices

Zucchini Fritters or Chickpea Patties – as per the rissoles above

Tortillas – fillings stuffed into pita pockets

Crumbed Chicken Drumettes or Golden Drumsticks – cold

Asian Style Dumplings – hot in a thermos

Fresh Rice Paper Rolls

Japanese Vegetable Pancake – cold

Wow!  That’s a lot more than I thought – some inspiration for my self here too!


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